Anthropology Emphasis

The Anthropology Department explores human nature, society, and culture very broadly and comparatively. Our courses foster a bio-cultural understanding of humans, from materially simple to complex cultures and from the distant past to the present. The Associate of Arts degree with Emphasis in Anthropology provides a solid foundation for an undergraduate major or for study in related disciplines, as well as powerful tools for making one’s way in a changing world.

Required courses: (9 cr)

ANTH 1125

Human Evolution - An Introduction to Bio-Anthropology (3)

ANTH 1126

Archeology: Prehistory and Humanity's Cultural Origins (3)

ANTH 1127

Cultural Anthropology – The Global Human Experience (3)

Complete at least one additional course: (3 cr)

ANTH 1101

Cultural Diversity (3)

ANTH 1121

Women Across Cultures (3)

ANTH 1145

Human Variation - Bio-Anthropology and Forensic Analysis (3)

ANTH 1146

Field Archeology - Methods of Exploring the Past (3)

ANTH 1148

Examining Culture – Seeing and Doing Anthropology (3)

ANTH 1150

Native Americans (3)

ANTH 1188

Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (3)

ANTH 1899

Medical Anthropology (3)