Family Studies Emphasis

Family relationships tend to pervade all aspects of both our personal and professional lives. Consequently, systematic study of various aspects of these relationships can serve to improve both of these—as well as provide potential occupational opportunities in serving families and individuals. This emphasis is intended to provide a foundation for all of these desirable outcomes.

Required courses: (12 cr)

COMM 2111

Family Communication (3)

HIST 1131

History-Family-Cross Cultural (3)

SOC 1102

Love, Sex and Family (3)

SOC 2114

Families in Crisis (3)

Complete two courses from the following: (5-7 cr)

PSYC 1120

Psychology-Human Sexuality (3)

PSYC 2210

Dev Psychology: Life-span (4)

SOC 1103

Service-Learning/Community (2-3)

SOC 1115

Soc of Sex and Gender Roles (3)