Theatre Emphasis

The Associate of Arts degree with Emphasis in Theatre is designed for the student who wishes to obtain a broad background in theatre and intends to transfer to a baccalaureate program (BA) in theatre or theatre education at a four-year institution. The AA with Theatre Emphasis is a combination of liberal arts general education courses and introductory theatre arts courses. The degree is earned with a total of 60 credits, 18 of which are theatre course requirements.

Take the following courses: (6 cr)

THTR 1116

Introduction to Theatre (3)

THTR 2150

Script Analysis (3)

Plus two of the following: (6 cr)

THTR 1130

Intro to Stage Costumes (3)

THTR 1140

Introduction to Stagecraft (3)

THTR 1145

Introduction to Stage Lighting (3)

THTR 2520

Stage Management (3)

Plus two of the following: (6 cr)

THTR 1101

Voice and Movement (3)

THTR 1151

Acting I (3)

THTR 2151

Acting 2 (3)