Women’s Studies Emphasis

Coursework in this area is supportive of four-year degree programs in women’s studies as well as the related fields of human services, education, American studies and other social sciences and humanities.

Required courses: (6 cr)

WMST 1101

Intro to Women’s Studies (3)

WMST 1121

Women Across Cultures (3)

or ANTH 1121

Women Across Cultures (3)

or SOC 1121

Women Across Cultures (3)

Complete three of the following courses: (9 cr)

BIOL 1125

Biology of Women (3)

ENGL 1140

Gender and Literature (3)

HIST 1131

History of the Family (3)

PSYC 1106

Psychology of Women (3)

SOC 1115

Sociology of Sex/Gender Roles (3)