Creative Writing (AFA)

The AFA is designed to provide the student with a body of work through workshop courses and a capstone project that will assist the student in being accepted into a competitive creative writing program. The student will also work to build his or her resume and portfolio before moving into the professional arena.

The AFA is a combination of liberal arts general education courses and creative writing courses. General education requirements fulfill the creative writing student’s need to develop conceptual and communication skills necessary for successful transfer and completion of a baccalaureate arts degree or a successful professional career.

The Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree in Creative Writing is designed for the student who has selected Creative Writing as a career option and intends to transfer to a fine arts baccalaureate program (BA or BFA) in Creative Writing at a four year institution. The AFA degree combines creative writing coursework in several genres with the study of literature. Students who complete this course of study and meet the admission requirements to their selected institution may be eligible to apply for admission with junior standing.

The degree is earned by completing 60 credits; 40 credits of which are to include the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and 20 credits of English course requirements. Careful planning in consultation with counselors and creative writing instructors concerning course sequence, program admission, and transfer institution requirements is essential.

Admission to the Program

  1. A student may indicate interest in admission to the AFA in Creative Writing major by declaring a "Pre-AFA in Creative Writing" major.
  2. To be admitted into the program, students must:
    1. Complete the Goal 1 English requirement in one of these ways:
      - Passing ENGC 1101 or an equivalent course at another institution with a grade of C or higher
      - Transferring into their Normandale transcript CLEP exams, AP scores, ACT or SAT scores, or other proof of having met the Goal 1 English requirement
    2. Submit an application to the Director of the AFA in Creative Writing program, either hard copy or online at, with the following materials included:
      - Current contact information
      - A ten-page writing sample (either one document or a combination of documents) that shows evidence of college level writing skills in organization, revision, editing, and proofreading.

Required Writing Courses: (12 cr)

Complete 12 credits from the following:

ENGW 1111

Creative Writing (3)

ENGW 2112

Poetry Writing (3)

ENGW 2113

Fiction Writing (3)

ENGW 2114

Play and Screenwriting (3)

ENGW 2115

Memoir/Nonfiction Writing (3)

ENGW 2900

Topics in Creative Writing (1-4)

Required Literature Courses: (10 cr)

ENGL 2151

American Literature 2 (4)

One of:


ENGL 2130

African American Literature (3)

ENGL 2131

Asian American Literature (3)

ENGL 2132

Latino/a American Literature (3)

ENGL 2133

Native American Literature (3)

One additional ENGL course numbered over 2100

Capstone Portfolio Project (3 cr)

ENGW 2800

AFA Capstone (3)

Students will complete the Capstone Course after completing at least four of the required ENGL and/or ENGW courses, focusing on a writing project and/or internship in the area of literary arts.