Music (AFA)

Music Program Accreditation

The Music Department at Normandale Community College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

While completing the courses in six goals of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (including Goal 1), the student must also complete the following Music courses.

Music Requirements: (38 cr)

MUSC 1131, 1132,

Music Theory I, II, III, IV (12)

2231, 2232


MUSC 1181, 1182,

Ear Training I, II, III, IV (8)

2281, 2282


MUSC 1151

Applied Music (4 semesters, 8 cr)


(primary instrument or voice)

MUSC 1152

Performance Class (4 semesters)

Complete two Music History courses: (6 cr)

MUSC 2245

Music History I (3)

MUSC 2246

Music History II (3)

Complete one Music Ensemble course: (4 semesters for 4 cr)

MUSC 1113

Concert Choir (1)

MUSC 1116

Concert Band (1)

MUSC 1118

Orchestra (1)

Piano Proficiency:

MUSC 1159

Piano Proficiency (0)

General Education Requirements: (30 cr)

Complete 30 credits from at least six Goals of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), including Goal 1. Music courses above may be used to satisfy Goal requirements. Students are encouraged to plan their courses with a Normandale counselor.