Individualized Studies (AS)

This degree program is designed for working adults and/or students who have well-defined career goals. The program is intended to provide students with the opportunity to develop specific competencies and earn an Associate of Science degree in career fields that are not available through existing degree programs at Normandale Community College. This program is not intended to provide certification in any field.

The program requires submission of a written degree plan initiated by the student with assistance from the dean of the appropriate division, or an academic counselor/faculty member. A plan template is used to guide the degree planning process and is submitted to the Dean’s Office. Approval of an industry representative must also be demonstrated when the degree plan applies to a specific career field. The plan must also demonstrate transferability to at least one four-year accredited institution, even when it may not be the intention of the student to transfer immediately after completing this degree.

Career-area credits may be earned in traditional courses, independent study projects, or internships. Credits may be transferred from other institutions in accord with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ residency requirement for earning the Associate of Science degree.

General Education Requirements: (30 cr)

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition (4)

Complete one of the following courses:

COMM 1100

Intro to Human Communication (3)

COMM 1101

Fundamentals-Public Speaking (3)

COMM 1111

Interpersonal Communication (3)

COMM 1121

Small Group Communication (3)

Additional requirements:

One course in MnTC Goal 3 or 4

One course in MnTC Goal 5

One course in MnTC Goal 6

6 cr from two different MnTC Goals 7-10.

Additional MnTC courses to reach a minimum of 30 MnTC credits.

Specialized Career Program Requirements: (30 cr)

Select coursework from at least two discipline areas.

Coursework from selected discipline area 1 (9)

Coursework from selected discipline area 2 (9)

Additional courses to reach a minimum of 30 Specialized Career Program credits.

Coursework will be determined in consultation with Normandale faculty and/or administration.