Computer Technology (AAS)

Graduates in computer technology will be trained in a broad range of skills useful in computer-based industry applications including programming languages, structure of databases, logical organization of computer systems as well as use of standard desktop applications. The degree program can, if the student chooses, include the study for important industry certifications.

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed within the last seven years prior to completing the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Technology (with or without Industry Certification).

General Education Requirements: (21 - 22 credits with minimum total of 15 MnTC goal credits from three MnTC goals)

COMM 1111

Interpersonal Communication (3)

or COMM 1121

Small Group Communication

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition (4)

ENGC 1102

Technical Writing (3)

MATH 1100

College Algebra (4)

MATH 1080

Statistics (4)

or BUSN 2220

Stats-Business and Economics (4)

MnTC Courses

Complete 3 - 4 MnTC goal credits to satisfy minimum of 15 credits from three goals of MnTC.

Specialized Career Program Requirements: (26 cr)

ACCT 2251

Financial Accounting (4)

CIM 1201

Information Technology Concepts & Business Software 1 (3)

CIM 1220

Business Problem Solving Excel (3)

COMT 1107

Intro to Computer Technology (4)

COMT 1173*

PC Architecture Op/Interface (3)

COMT 1181*

Database Management Sys (3)

COMT 1184*

Telecommunications (3)

COMT 2188*

Systems Analysis and Design (3)

Complete additional courses to total 32 cr:

COMT 1205*

Intro to Visual Basic (3)

COMT 2096

Internship (2-4)

CSCI 1111

Intro to Programming in C (4)

CSCI 1202*

Intro to Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (3)

CSCI 1203*

Intro to Computer Programming in Java (4)

ENGT 1511

Intro to Engineering Technology (3)

ENGT 1514

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3)

Select one area to reach 60 credits: (6 - 7 cr)

  • Business/Management (any BUSN course)
  • Computers/Information Management (any CIM course not listed above)
  • Engineering (any ENGR course)

or ENGT 1153 AC/DC Circuits AND ENGT 1513 Digital Electronics Technology

or ENGT 1153 AC/DC Circuits AND ENGT 2188 Industrial Robotics

Note: More than one programming language may be required in order to reach the 32 credits needed for the Specialized Career Program Requirements.