Hospitality Management (AAS)

Hospitality Management Accreditation

Normandale’s Hospitality Management Program is nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Graduates in hospitality management go on to positions such as hotel general manager, housekeeping/maintenance director, hotel sales and marketing director, banquet/catering manager, restaurant/bar manager, casino operations and event manager. A student may go on to obtain a bachelor's degree in hospitality management or related programs.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout has an articulation agreement with Normandale for the Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. In addition, private universities such as Art Institute, and Concordia University St. Paul accept Normandale's Hospitality Management degree.

Complementing the traditional degree program, the Hospitality Department offers six Certificate Programs designed for working adults. Students may also elect to complete one or more certificate concentrations and select courses to fulfill this requirement.

Required Hospitality Courses: (32 cr)

HSMA 1103

Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management (4)

HSMA 1143

Principles of Food Production & Sanitation (4)

HSMA 1162

Hotel Lodging/Management (4)

HSMA 2144

Food/Beverage Management & Cost Control (4)

HSMA 2172

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Management (4)

HSMA 2173

Convention & Meeting Planning Management (4)

HSMA 2096

Hospitality Management Internship (2-4)

HSMA 2097

Senior Hospitality Internship (4)

or HSMA 2098

International Internship (4)

Required Specialized Business and Hospitality Management Courses:

Complete a minimum of 8 credits from the following courses:

ACCT 2251

Financial Accounting (4)

BUSN 2155

Legal Environment of Business (3)

HSMA 2098

International Internship (4)

HSMA 2100

Casino Operations & Management (4)

HSMA 2125

Business Practices in the Global Market (3)

BUSN 1130

Introduction to International Business (3)

BUSN 2100

Human Relations/Effective Teams (3)

General Education Requirements: (20 cr)

COMM 1111

Interpersonal Communication (3)

or COMM 1101

Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition (4)

ENGC 1103

Business Writing (3)

ECON 2201

Principles of Microeconomics (3)

Complete at least 3 cr from MnTC Goal 6.

Complete at least 4 cr from MnTC Goals 3, 4, 7, 8, or 10*.

*Students who plan to transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Stout must complete a laboratory science to satisfy UW-Stout requirements.

Certificate Options:

Students may elect to complete one or more management enrichment certificate concentrations.