Computer Technology Certificate

The Certificate in Computer Technology is an alternative path for demonstrating competence in computer technology. It is a “fast track” for students who cannot spend the time necessary to complete a degree, for career changers who need to quickly acquire specific skills and for those who intend to complete a degree but need an interim step to demonstrate performance.

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed within the last seven years prior to completing the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Technology (with or without Industry Certification).

At least one third of the credits required for this certificate must be completed at Normandale.

Required courses: (6-10 cr)

COMT 1173*

PC Architecture Op/Interface (3)

COMT 1181*

Database Management Sys (3)

MATH 1100

College Algebra (4)

OR placement above MATH 1100

Complete one of the following courses: (1-3 cr)

COMT 1184*

Telecommunications (3)

COMT 2186*

Microprocessors/Digital Logic (3)

COMT 1900/2900

Topics: Computer Tech (1-3)

Complete one of the following courses: (3-4 cr)

COMT 1205*

Introduction to Visual Basic (3)

CSCI 1111

Intro to Programming in C (4)