Law Enforcement Certificate

The Certificate in Law Enforcement is designed for students who already have completed either an associate or a bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university. Students in this track may use previous college courses to replace equivalent required liberal arts courses. These courses need to be evaluated by a counselor and/or petitioned for acceptance.

At least one third of the credits required for this certificate must be completed at Normandale, including those taken at LEEC.

Required prerequisite courses for admission to Law Enforcement Education Center (LEEC):

Coursework must be completed with a minimum grade of C in each course and with a minimum combined GPA of 2.50 in all courses.

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition (4)

ENGC 1102

Technical Writing (3)

or second composition course (3)

PSYC 1100

Psychology in Modern Life (3)

or PSYC 1110

Introduction to Psychology (4)

or SOC 2108

Social Psychology (3)

SOC 1104

Introduction to Sociology (3)

SOC 2110

American Minority Relations (3)

SOC 2114

Families in Crisis (3)

SOC 2130

Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

SOC 2131

Juvenile Justice (3)

SOC 2132

Police and Community (3)

Additional courses required for the certificate:

(not required for admission to LEEC)

EXSC 1129

Fitness for Life (2)

Professional Licensing Core courses:

(21 credits taken over the course of two semesters at LEEC)

Semester 1

LAWE 2225

Criminal Investigation (3)

LAWE 2230

Legal Issues-Law Enforcement (3)

LAWE 2231

Criminal and Traffic Codes (3)

LAWE 2240

Patrol Operations (3)

Semester 2

LAWE 2299

Law Enforcement Integrated Practicum (9)

Additional Requirement to take the POST examination:

Current First Responder Card, Emergency Response, or EMT certificate. This does not have to be taken for college credit but HLTH 2209 would fulfill this requirement.