Nursing Assistant Certificate

The Nursing Assistant Certificate course prepares individuals to assist others with personal care needs. This certificate course is approved by the Minnesota Department of Health and prepares students to take the National Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Test. Upon successful completion of the test, students are placed on the Nursing Assistant Registry (NA/R).

The Nursing Assistant (NA/R) provides care under the direct supervision of licensed nurses. Employment is primarily in long-term care facilities, home health agencies and hospitals assisting dependent elderly, home care clients, and hospital patients.

The demand for NA/R’s continues to grow due to our aging population. Expanding healthcare opportunities include working with populations ranging in age from infancy to elderly.

The NA/R position is the first step in nursing care mobility. This course is a prerequisite for many nursing programs throughout the state. Students completing the NURS 1057 course are eligible to take the MDH competency test for nursing assistants. Successful candidates are placed on the State Nursing Assistant Registry. Registry information is available by calling the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-215-8705 or at the website below.

The following websites provide more information about nursing assistants, information about skills testing and links to the practice test and competency test brochure: