Vacuum Technology Certificate

The Vacuum Technology Certificate is recommended for individuals who have either a two-year technical degree (complete with the necessary background in college algebra and chemistry) or a four-year technical or non-technical degree and the desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the field of vacuum technology. Completion of the certificate courses prepares the two-year technical degreed student for a career as a technician in vacuum technology. Students who possess four-year degrees will be prepared to advise on and support vacuum-based processes used in industries such as semiconductor, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), glass and optics, LED and solar cell, and thin film coatings.

At least one third of the credits required for this certificate must be completed at Normandale.

Required Courses: (9 cr)

VACT 1292

Introduction to Vacuum Technology (2)

VACT 2293

Vacuum Analysis & Troubleshooting (4)

VACT 2297

Thin Films Deposition (3)