Creative Writing Certificate

The Certificate in Creative Writing is designed for the student who desires a concentrated course of study in the area of creative writing.

The certificate is designed to provide the student with a body of work through courses that will assist the student in improving his/her technique and skill in creative writing. The student will also work to build his or her resume and portfolio before moving in to the professional arena.

At least one third of the credits required for this certificate must be completed at Normandale.

Writing Core Courses: (19 cr)

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition (4)

Writing Courses: (15 cr)

(ENGC 1101 must be completed before taking the following courses:)

ENGW 1111

Introduction to Creative Writing (3)

ENGW 2112

Poetry Writing (3)

ENGW 2113

Fiction Writing (3)

ENGW 2114

Play and Screenwriting (3)

ENGW 2115

Memoir Non-Fiction Writing (3)

ENGW 1900

Topics in Creative Writing (1-4)

ENGW 2900

Topics in Creative Writing (1-4)

Literature Courses: (10 cr)

ENGL 1150

Contemporary Literary Studies (3)

ENGL 2151

American Literature II (4)

ENGL 1130

Literature of Diversity (3)


Any other Goal 7 ENGL course, including but not limited to:

2130 African American Literature

2131 Asian American Literature

2132 Latino American Literature

2133 Native American Literature