Honors Program

Honors sections of selected courses or honors courses are available to students who meet the prerequisite requirements for an honors class. Honors classes are intended to provide a more intensive academic experience than that of general course sections or other course options. The honors class may require writing, reading or quantitative analysis at a higher intensity relative to a general class, inquiry-based, scholarly research, and more responsibility on the student for classroom discussion and activities. A main goal of an honors class is to challenge students to a higher level of thinking and achievement.

A student who is interested in an honors class should check the prerequisite for the honors section or course, and may wish to discuss the course with the instructor prior to registering. Honors classes are reserved for students who have demonstrated past academic excellence, for example, by high scores on standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc.) or by strong achievement in previous college courses, or for students who show promise of such achievement.

Honors sections of a course or honors courses are indicated in the course title; for example, PSYC 1110 would be reflected as Honors: Introduction to Psychology.