Transcripts for Admission

All applicants are required to have official transcripts of any previous college work sent to Normandale at the time of application for admission. To protect against fraud, colleges and universities distinguish between official and unofficial transcripts. Under Normandale Community College policy, official transcripts must be prepared and sealed by the issuing institution (or a firm acting on its behalf) in an envelope bearing the issuing institution’s letterhead. Unofficial transcripts may be copied and handled by the student applicant or their designated representative and may be delivered to Normandale Community College by mail, fax, e-mail or in person.

Transcripts from Other MnSCU Institutions

Due to a system-wide initiative to facilitate the transfer of students between MnSCU institutions, students who have completed coursework at another MnSCU institution are not usually required to submit MnSCU transcripts at the time of admission. Students with coursework in progress at the time of admission or who complete courses at another MnSCU institution after admission must contact the Normandale Admissions Office to have those courses transferred to Normandale upon completion of the courses.