Admission Procedures for Transfer Students

Individuals applying for admission to Normandale Community College as a transfer student must:

  1. Apply online or download a printable application available on the Normandale website at Applications are also available by request from the Office of Admissions at 952-358-8201. Submit the written application by mail or in person to Normandale Community College, Office of Admissions, 9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431-4399. Students wishing to enter Normandale and transfer credits from another regionally accredited college or university must indicate that they are a transfer student on the Application for Admission. They must also provide the names and addresses of all colleges and universities they previously attended.
  2. Pay a non-refundable application fee of $20.
  3. Submit an official transcript from all colleges and universities that the student has previously attended. Official transcripts should be sent to the address above. Exception: Due to a system-wide initiative to facilitate the transfer of students between MnSCU institutions, students who have completed coursework at another MnSCU institution are not usually required to submit MnSCU transcripts at the time of admission. Students with coursework in progress at the time of admission or who complete courses at another institution after admission must contact the Normandale Admissions Office to have those courses transferred to Normandale upon completion of the courses.
  4. Submit official ACT, SAT, Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or other examinations that may qualify the student for waivers from placement testing (see the Placement Test Waivers section for further information). No documentation supporting placement test waivers will be accepted after an admissions decision has been sent to the student.
  5. When the application, application fee and required transcripts have been received, the Normandale Office of Admissions will send a letter verifying that the student's application is complete. At that time, students arrange to take any required placement tests in reading, writing and mathematics as directed in their acceptance letter. A student who was suspended from another college or university for academic reasons within the year prior to their application to Normandale will be denied admission. Notification of the denial of admission will be sent to the student with information about the appeal process. The student will receive written notification of the results of the appeal. A student who was suspended or expelled from another college or university for disciplinary reasons shall be denied admission.
  6. When course placement has been determined, applicants will be notified of upcoming Advising and Registration dates. Applicants should immediately reserve space at the earliest available Advising and Registration date by making reservations as directed in their acceptance letter.

During the Advising and Registration program, new entering students will receive important information about their life as a student at Normandale Community College, advice on how to achieve academic success at the College and guidance in registering for their courses. Counselors and advisors are available during the Advising and Registration program to help students select an appropriate course schedule based on the student’s interests, abilities and goals.