Tuition and fees are payable in full according to the deadlines that are published in the registration guide and/or course schedule each term and on the Business Office website at If tuition, fees and/or the cost of books are being paid through approved government or private agencies, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Business Office prior to the payment deadline. Payment by MasterCard, Visa or Discover is available. Credit card information can be faxed to the Business Office at 952-358-8235. Payment must include the Student/Customer ID or Social Security number, name, telephone number, amount owed, credit card number and expiration date and signature. A payment plan and online payment options are also available from the Business Office website.

Refunds will be allowed according to the refund policy. If a schedule change increases the total credits for which a student is enrolled, as in canceling a three-credit course and adding a four-credit course, the student must pay for the additional credit(s) when the course is added. If the changed program results in fewer credits, as in canceling a four-credit course and adding a three-credit course, a refund will be issued if the class is dropped during the drop period.

Refunds will not be issued unless the student’s entire account has a credit balance. This includes unpaid fines or fees, charges for previous semesters, and tuition and fees for an upcoming term that may be due at a future date.