Refund Appeals

Exceptions to the refund policy may be considered, at the discretion of the College, when extended illness of the student or immediate family member keeps the student out of all classes for two or more weeks, upon the death of an immediate family member, or due to college error. Appeals for a drop and/or refund of courses must be submitted by the last business day of July of the academic year in which the courses were taken. Documentation supporting the appeal is required. The College may not consider appeals for any reason when the student has attended more than six weeks of the term. The College will not consider appeals based on the student's inability to pay; lack of knowledge of the College's drop, refund or withdrawal policies; dissatisfaction with the instructor, class or grade; change in marital status; child care issues; transportation issues; or disregard or lack of understanding of course prerequisites or placement requirements.

Students must complete a drop/refund/withdrawal appeal form and follow the procedures outlined therein. The appeal form is available from the Records Office in person or online at

Students who have received financial aid for a term may not be eligible for refunds during that term, regardless of their reasons for dropping or withdrawing from courses. It is the student’s responsibility to determine how their financial aid eligibility or award would be affected by approval of a course drop. For more information, consult the section entitled Refunds and the Return of Title IV Funds or visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.