Tuition/Fee Deferment Policy

Students are responsible for paying their full tuition and fees by the established payment deadline unless they are eligible to receive a deferment through the Business Office or have signed up for the Nelnet payment plan with the Business Office.

The Business Office will defer a student’s tuition and fees if they have submitted their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) AND Normandale has received the results of the FAFSA from the Central Processing System by the published deadline.

Important: Students whose FAFSA results are not received by the College by the published payment deadline must make other arrangements for payment of tuition, fees and books. Options include cash, credit card or the Nelnet payment plan. Students' expenses may be reimbursed with the receipt of financial aid later in the term.

Students who have a consortium agreement and are receiving aid at another college or have had their financial aid canceled because of unsatisfactory academic progress will NOT be deferred and will need to make payment by the established deadline.

Students not meeting this deferment policy must pay their full tuition and fees by the established payment deadline or their courses may be dropped. However, students who decide not to attend must not rely on the College to drop their classes for them. Students must drop their courses to avoid payment obligations.

For summer term, the Business Office will only defer tuition and fees for students who have received a Summer Award Letter and are going to receive aid at their registered credit level (if the student is receiving loans, the loans must be certified).