Golf Enterprise Management Certificate

The Certificate option will allow current Hospitality Management students to further specialize in hospitality skill set areas, or provide an avenue for business, marketing, accounting, and small business management students to utilize current training and cross--training into the club management arena.

Required Courses: (28 credits)

HSMA 1170

or BUSN 1170

Introduction to Club Management (4)

HSMA 2175

or BUSN 2175

Facility & Turf Maintenance and Management (4)

HSMA 1143

or BUSN 1153

Principles of Food Production and Sanitation (4)

HSMA 2144

or BUSN 1154

Food/Beverage Management & Cost Control (4)

HSMA 2172

or BUSN 1159

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Management (4)

HSMA 2096

Hospitality Management Internship (4)

HSMA 2097

Senior Hospitality Internship (4)