Global Studies Certificate

The purpose of a Global Studies certificate is to offer educational opportunities for a student to become a productive, global citizen and future leader in the community, state, nation, and world. This certificate complements many academic fields and any career that benefits from a global perspective.

Required Courses: (6 cr)


Business Practices in the Global Market (3)

COMM 1131

Intercultural Communication (3)

Elective Courses*: (12 cr)

Choose at least 12 credits from these courses:

POLS 1150

Introduction to World Politics (3)

BUSN 1130

Introduction to International Business (3)

BUSN 1132

Introduction to International Marketing (3)

HIST 1103

History of World Civilization 3 (4)

HIST 1131

History of the Family (3)


Cultural Diversity (3)

SOC 1121

Women Across Culture (3)

PHIL 1140

Environmental Ethics (3)

PHIL 1150

Introduction to World Religion (3)

PSYC 2400

Psychology of Religion/Spirituality (3)

GEOG 1121

World Regional Geography (3)

THTR 2111

World Cinema (3)

MUSC 1121

Introduction to World Music (3)

Any Topics Study Abroad course (3 cr; strongly recommended)

Any world language course (5 cr)

*Students may choose elective credits from the recommended courses (above) as well as any course from MnTC Goal 8. Elective credits must come from at least two departments. For example, all 12 elective credits may not come from the History Department.