Field Archaeology Certificate

Archaeology explores the vanished cultures of the past through recovery and scientific analysis of physical evidence left at ancient sites. Our courses foster a biocultural understanding of societies, from materially simple to complex cultures and from the distant past to historic times. The Certificate in Field Archaeology demonstrates a solid foundation in archaeology as well as tools and hands-on skills for participation in field research and cultural resource management.

Required Courses: (20 cr)

ANTH 1126

Archaeology: Prehistory and Humanity's Cultural Origins (3)

ANTH 1127

Cultural Anthropology – The Global Human Experience (3)

ANTH 1146

Field Archaeology – Methods of Exploring the Past (3)

ANTH 1150

Native Americans: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (3)

ANTH 1194

Independent Study Project: Archaeological Field Work (3)

Electives: (4 cr)

Choose one of the following courses:

GEOG 1101

Physical Geography (4)

GEOL 1101

Physical Geology (4)

GEOL 1110/1111

Environmental Geology and Lab (4)