Community Health Worker/Navigator Certificate

Normandale's Community Health Worker/Navigator program will prepare students for a variety of entry level healthcare employment opportunities. Community Health Workers/Navigators (CHWN's) work to increase cultural competence, improve access to healthcare for racial and ethnic minorities, improve the quality of care for chronically ill people, promote healthy communities, and educate clients and others about access to and use of healthcare resources.

As a community health worker/navigator, you will play a critical role in bridging the gap between the community, health care, government, and social service systems.

Required courses: (16 cr)

CHWN 1000

Advocacy and Outreach (2)

CHWN 1100

Organization, Resources, Teaching, and Capacity Building (3)

CHWN 1200

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities (1)

CHWN 1300

Coordination, Documentation, Reporting, Informatics, Navigator, & Care Coordinator (3)

CHWN 1400

Communication Skills and Cultural Competence (2)

CHWN 1500

Health Promotion (3)

CHWN 1600

Internship (2)