Archaeology Emphasis

Students seeking an Associate of Arts (AA) in Liberal Education with an emphasis must successfully complete the AA requirements and the specific emphasis requirements. Emphasis requirements may also be used to satisfy the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) goal requirements.

Archaeology explores the vanished cultures of the past through recovery and scientific analysis of physical evidence left at ancient sites. Our courses foster a bio-cultural understanding of societies; from materially simple to complex cultures and from the distant past to historic times. The Associate of Arts degree with Emphasis in Archaeology provides a solid foundation for an undergraduate major or for study in related disciplines, as well as tools and hands-on skills for participating in field research and cultural resource management.

Required Courses: (13-15 cr)

ANTH 1126

Archeology: Prehistory and Humanity's Cultural Origins (3 cr)

ANTH 1127

Cultural Anthropology – The Global Human Experience (3 cr)

ANTH 1150

Native Americans: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (3)

ANTH 1146

Field Archaeology – Methods of Exploring the Past (3)

ANTH 1150

Native Americans: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (3 cr)

ANTH 1194

Independent Study Project: Archaeological Field Work (3 cr)

Complete at least one of the following: (4 cr)

GEOL 1110/1111

Environmental Geology and Lab (4)

GEOL 1101

Physical Geology (4)

GEOG 1101

Physical Geography (4)