Photography Emphasis

The Associate of Arts (AA) with Emphasis in Photography is a liberal education degree with a concentration in Fine Art Photography courses.

The photography program in the Department of Art and Art History at Normandale Community College is committed to nurturing an artistic community that is contemporary, critical, and professional. While treating photography as an artistic medium, this program encourages forms of critical thinking that can be applied to all art media and college disciplines. The degree is centered on developing an outstanding ability to interpret, criticize, and articulate ideas through the visual image.

Photography facilities include both traditional chemical-based darkrooms and a digital lab.

The degree provides a sound fine art photography and art studio foundation and satisfies the complete MnTC. It is intended for transfer to a BA four-year program.

Students seeking an AA with Emphasis in Photography must successfully complete the AA requirements and the specific emphasis requirements reflected below.

Graduation Requirements:

Students seeking an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in liberal education must complete a total of 60 college- level semester credits, including:

  • MnTC requirements
  • Health - one course
  • Exercise Science - one course
  • Elective credits - additional course(s) numbered 1000 and above, if needed to complete the 60 credit requirement.

Other Graduation Requirements:

  • Complete the specific degree requirements as specified above.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher for college-level coursework (courses numbered 1000 and above) completed at Normandale.
  • Earn a minimum of 20 college level credits at Normandale.

Required Photography courses (15 cr):

ART 1109

Exploring Photography (3)

ART 1110

Black & White Photography 1 (3)

ART 1113

Video Art (3)

ART 1114

Digital Photography (3)

ART 2207

Photography 2 (3)

Required Art History course (3 cr)

Choose one of the following:

ART 1103

Art History Survey 2 (3)

ART 1104

Contemporary Art Survey (3)

Studio Art Electives course: (3 cr)

ART ****

Choose any additional art class (excluding ART 1101, Visual Arts) (3)