Community Health Education (AS)

This program will provide students an opportunity to complete an Associate of Science in Community Health Education. The focus of the program prepares students with the foundational knowledge in Health Education to transfer to a bachelor degree that educates students to serve as program facilitators, health advocates, and referral professionals linking health care and related social services with the under-served communities to reduce health disparities, prevent disease, and encourage healthy behavior change through an integrative health approach. Community Health Professionals use content, educational skills and knowledge to research and assess the needs of a community, develop, implement, coordinate, and evaluate health education programs. Health educators may be employed in community organizations, outreach and industry, family planning and community clinics, advocacy, and work-site promotion. The baccalaureate degree program provides a foundation for students, not only through classroom content but by requiring an internship and many service learning opportunities which will allow students exposure to a variety of graduate degree options.

Total 60 credits

General Education Requirements: (40 cr)

ENGC 1101

Freshman Composition I (4)

BIOL 1102

Human Biology (4)

BIOL 1103

Introduction to Emerging Diseases (4)

MATH 1080

Introduction to Statistics (4)

PHIL 1180

Biomedical Ethics (3)

PSYC 1110

Introduction to Psychology (4)

or SOC 1104

Introduction to Sociology (3)

SOC 2125

Social Deviance (3)

MnTC Electives

One course from each of the following Goals: 1, 6, 7, 10 (15-16 cr, to reach 40 cr in General Education coursework)

Core Required Courses: (20 cr)

HLTH 1103

College First Aid and Adult CPR (2)

HLTH 1104

Contemporary Health Issues (3)

HLTH 1106

Drug Use and Abuse (3)

HLTH 1107

Principles of Nutrition (3)

HLTH 1118

Stress Management (3)

HTLH/Other Elective

Any Health course (3)

HLTH/EXSC Elective

Any Health/Exercise Science course (3)