Repeated Courses

Students may choose to repeat a class to meet academic requirements, to improve their GPA or to refresh their knowledge of the subject material. While both the original and the repeated grades will remain on the transcript, only the highest grade will be used to determine the GPA, unless the catalog description allows the class to be repeated for additional credit.

All instances of a repeated course will count as attempted credits when determining completion rate for satisfactory academic progress, but only one instance of the course can be considered successfully completed. Students may repeat a course twice; dean’s approval is required for a third repeat attempt. Students who receive benefits from the Veterans’ Administration will not be paid for repeated coursework if a passing grade was earned in the first attempt. Students should consult the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to determine whether repeated coursework will be eligible for financial aid.

If either occurrence of the repeated course was taken before 1998, the student must contact the Records Office to initiate the repeat recalculation.