Academic Policies for Veterans

The Veterans Administration will pay educational benefits only for required courses that apply toward the veteran’s declared major and degree, as reflected in the academic catalog. If a veteran wishes to satisfy a major or degree requirement with a class other than that specified in the program listing, the class will be certified only after the certifying official has received notice that the veteran has completed a successful academic petition. It is the veteran’s responsibility to notify the certifying official when an academic petition has been approved.

Normandale can certify enrollment only for periods that a course is in session. For example, if a student is enrolled in 10 credits of classes that meet an entire term plus three additional credits for a class that meets three weeks, the full-time certification will be only for the three weeks that class is in session; the student will be certified at ¾-time for the remainder of the term.

The Veterans Administration will not pay educational benefits for courses that are audited, nor will it pay benefits for courses from which the student withdraws or earns a grade of NC (No Credit) or F, FN or FW, when earned as a result of non-attendance.

The Veterans Administration will pay educational benefits for courses numbered below 1000 except when the course is considered "distance learning" under Veterans Administration guidelines. In VA terms, "distance learning" includes online and hybrid courses.

Academic Policy Appeals and Guidelines

  • If the withdrawal from a course or the receipt of an NC, F, or FN (for non-attendance) is due to circumstances beyond the veteran’s control, the veteran is encouraged to document the mitigating circumstances and submit a letter of appeal to the VA for a possible continuation of benefits. Examples of mitigating circumstances include illness of the veteran or a family member, change of work hours or place of employment and financial hardship. The Veterans Administration usually allows the veteran 30 days to produce proof of these mitigating circumstances. The VA will make the final decision whether to approve or deny the appeal.
  • If an eligible veteran fails a course for non-attendance or withdraws and mitigating circumstances are not found, benefits for that course will be reduced, effective the first day of the semester, and the veteran may be required to repay the benefit.