Latex Allergy and Fragrance Policy

Normandale Community College will strive to provide a learning and working environment as free of latex as possible for students and employees.

  • Normandale will purchase latex free items when the option is available. This is especially important in the health science and laboratory science areas. Examples include, but are not limited to, gloves, stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs.  Latex free, powder free gloves are required for all groups using gloves on campus.
  • Employees will be alert for latex products, making substitutions when possible and alerting students and employees when applicable.
  • Latex balloons are prohibited on campus. Vendors such as caterers and on campus groups must abide by this rule.
  • Normandale Community College’s Public Safety Officers, who are the college’s first responders, will maintain familiarity with signs and symptoms of latex allergies up to recognition and response in the event of anaphylactic shock.
  • Students with documented latex allergies will be encouraged to contact the Office for Students with Disabilities if accommodations are required.

Normandale Community College also strives to provide a learning and working environment which reduces exposure to strong fragrances, especially when individuals with fragrance sensitivities are present.

  • Normandale will strive to increase awareness of the impact of strong fragrances on some individuals and consider fragrance when purchasing environmental cleaning supplies.
  • Normandale will support individuals experiencing symptoms related to environmental fragrances. This support may include education of classmates and or co-workers, change of work location and review of air exchange in employee work area.
  • The Americans with Disability Act does not require a total fragrance ban in public buildings due to the difficulty of enforcing such a ban; rather, a voluntary reduction of fragrance is recommended.