President's Cabinet

Berndt, Michael D., Vice President of Planning and Institutional Research and Effectiveness, BA, Univ. of Minnesota-Morris; MA, Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale

Guelich, Julie A., Vice President of Academic Affairs, AB, Mt. Holyoke College; MAT, Harvard Univ.; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Montague, Orinthia, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, BA, Truman State Univ.; MA, Lindenwood Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of Missouri--St.Louis

Thom, Michelle, Chief Human Resources Officer, BA, Univ. of MN; MPA, Hamline Univ.

Wheeler, Lisa R., Interim Vice President of Finance and Operations, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; M.Ed., Springfield College; Ed.D. Univ. of St. Thomas