Normandale Staff

Ackerson, Heather, Biology

Albrecht, Nancy, Copy Center

Albrecht, Timothy, Library

Amay, Juan, Bookstore

Anderson, Kevin, Public Safety

Baldvins, Sara, Chemistry

Barlage, Boe, Information Technology Services

Becker, Jeffrey, Building Services

Beckius, Chastity, Office of Admissions

Benshop, Brian, Records Office

Blazer, Betty, Health Sciences

Bohn, Sara, Chemistry

Borgfelt, Susan, Library

Bowling-Harris, Antoinette, Office of Admissions

Brinkley, Nilvia, Center for Experiential Education

Brinkmann, Priscilla, Office for Students with Disabilities

Brown, Dale, Art

Bui, Vinh, Information Technology Services

Burns, Jacqueline, Library

Busch, Jeremy, Public Safety

Carney, LeAnn, Office of Admissions

Christensen, Trevor, Information Technology Services

Christianson, Kimberly, Library

Cimino, Dana, Advising and Counseling

Clark, Maria, Academy of Math and Science

Cooper, Dawn, Human Resources

Corwin, Tim, Marketing Communications

Cyphers, Samantha, Records Office

Daly, Miranda, Copy Center

Daniels, David, Public Safety

Davis, Anthony, Bookstore

Dualeh, Mustafa, TRIO Upward Bound

Elmi, Hussein, Biology

Engelhard, Mary, Building Services

Erbele, Jane, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Erickson, Leah, Bookstore

Erickson, Thomas, Building Services

Fechtelkotter, Amy, Bookstore

Fowler, Amy, Research and Planning

Graham, Mary Jo, Mathematics

Grewe, Dianne, Academic Affairs

Guiher, Derek, Business Office

Gula, Galina, Business Office

Hallum, Brittany, Office of Admissions

Hanson, Eric, Building Services

Hanson, Kristin, President's Office

Hashi, Sucdi, Office of Admissions

Hetzer, Jennifer, Business Office

Hines, Larry, Building Services

Hills, Bill, Mail Services

Huson, Piia, Art

Huynh, Tam, Information Technology Services

Janzen, Anne, Research and Planning

Jerkovich, Donald, Information Technology Services

Johnson, Andrew, Public Safety

Johnson, Brady, Kopp Student Center

Johnson, Erik, Bookstore

Johnson, Michelle, Records Office

Juno, Rachel, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Kam, Jay, Student Life, Fitness Center

Karasev, Larisa, Business Office

Katoa, Simote, Advising and Counseling

Kaufman, Sam, Building Services

Kielblock, Shannon, Office of Admissions

Kilzer, Karen, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

King, Kris, Information Technology Services

Klein, Kimberly, Academy of Math and Science

Klein, Melissa, Records Office

Klepperich, Charles, TRIO Upward Bound

Kohn, Michael, Information Technology Services

Kreger, Donna, Academic Affairs

Kuehl, Laurie, Education

Lao, Vutheara, Building Services

Larson, Chelsie, Mathematics

Larson, Sandy, Normandale Center for Applied Learning

Lau Fong, Amy, Information Technology Services

Lee, Koua, Public Safety

Lee, Maiv, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Leigh, Sara, Records Office

Lilgreen, Amanda, Student Life

Liu, Chaowei, Building Services

Loosbrock, Matt, Kopp Student Center/Campus Events

Ludden, Nancy, Online Learning

Lyons, Greg, Student Life

Maine, Roland, Information Technology Services

Marshall, Samantha, Office of Admissions

Martin, LaCresha, Advising and Counseling

Maxwell, Ryan, Office of Admissions

McMillan, Judy, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

McNamara, Jeremy, Office of Admissions

Melnichuk, Svitlana, Information Technology Services

Men, Loch, Building Services

Men, Sokhose, Building Services

Men, Yem, Building Services

Meyers, Jason, Mail Services

Mikkelson, Chiharu, Advising and Counseling

Miller, Debra, Information Technology Services

Miller, Terry, Building Services

Moreno, Karina, Office of Admissions

Morgan, Joanne, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Education

Murray, Stephen, Office of Admissions

Nguyen, Chuong, Information Technology Services

Nguyen, Hieu, Normandale Center for Applied Learning

Nguyen, Lilly, Business Office

Nguyen, Thang, Information Technology Services

O'Dell, Peter, Information Technology Services

Odor, Howard, Retention Services

Olsen, Jeffrey, Music

Osell, Steve, Engineering Technology

Ouse, Martin, Library

Overton, Dwight, Records Office

Palmer, Harry, Building Services

Passmore, Nissa, Building Services

Patry, Jeffrey, Music

Pofahl, Janel, Public Safety

Pond, Karen, Kopp Student Center

Proehl, Angela, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Pruchnicki, Sarah, Bookstore

Quinones, Sandi, Humanities

Radtke, Gloria, Academic Affairs

Raetz, Lisa, Biology

Rannikko, J.R., Biology

Reasoner, Samuel, Building Services

Redding, Lorna, Library

Riesgraf, Andrew, Public Safety

Robinson, Gloria, Campus Events

Rodgers, Andrew, Building Services

Ross, Shanna, Bookstore

Roush, Sandi, Business Office

Rudd, Kathryn, Library

Ryan, Amanda, Academic Affairs

Saralampi, Monica, Center for Experiential Education

Schaffer, Diane, Dental Clinic

Schlenker, Scott, Information Technology Services

Seleski-Johnson, Rachel, Kopp Student Center/Student Life

Seydow, Alex, Tutoring Center

Simon, Alfred, Building Services

Skoglund, Mary, Copy Center

Sloane, Alex, Biology

Smith, Walton, Information Technology Services

Solverson, Mary, Marketing Communications

Sparby, Cynthia, Bookstore

Stark, Sandra, Records Office

Sutliff, Martha, Building Services

Sutton Jim, Advising and Counseling

TeVrucht, Jayne, Normandale Foundation

Thao, Ker, TRIO Educational Talent Search

Tischendorf, Sue, Information Technology Services

Torgerson, Erik, TRIO Educational Talent Search

Trafton, Brenda, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Tsibulko, Liliya, Information Technology Services

Vadnais, Steve, Biology

Valento, DiAnn, Records Office

Vasquez, Alexander, Information Technology Services

Viergets, Jami, Geography/Geology, Engineering/Physics

Waldoch, Joseph, Building Services

Wassermann, Karen, Planning, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Watson, Barbara, Child Care Center

Weir, David, Building Services

Wheeler, Paige, Center for Experiential Education

Wilson, Andrea, Child Care Center

Wilson, Geri, Office for Students with Disabilities

Wise, John, Building Services

Wolf, Jessica, Building Services

Woitock, Sondra, Make-Up Testing Center

Woodbeck, Bonnie, Building Services

Wyffels, Steve, Information Technology Services