NURS 1110 Nursing 1 (8 cr)

Prereq: Acceptance into Nursing Program; ENGC 1101; BIOL 2041 and CHEM 1050 (C or higher)

Prereq or Co-req: BIOL 2042 and COMM 1111

This beginning nursing course introduces the student to the roles of the Associate Degree Nurse within the profession of nursing. The course is structured around basic human needs and provides introduction to concepts of illness and community-based nursing care while focusing on the nursing process and evidence-based practice. Basic assessment and communication techniques and nursing interventions are utilized in assisting the adult client to satisfy health needs. Selected learning experiences are planned within laboratory, simulation, service-learning, and clinical settings. Introduction to Experiential Education will occur this semester. Weekly average of 5 hours lecture (5 cr), 4 hours lab (2 cr) and 3 hours of clinical (1 cr). Achievement of the course outcomes assists in the meeting of MnTC Goal #2.

Fall, Spring