NURS 1120 Nursing 2 (8 cr)

Prereq: NURS 1110; BIOL 2042 and COMM 1111 (C or higher)

Prereq or Co-req: PSYC 1110

This second course is structured around simple acute and/or chronic alterations in health and the interrelationships among basic human needs in the adult client. Emphasis is placed on the nursing process as a means of providing individualized and evidence-based interventions with focused assessments for common health problems. Selected learning experiences are planned within laboratory, simulation, experiential education, and clinical settings. Experiential Education hours are required. Weekly average of 4 hours lecture (4 credits), 5 hours lab (2.5 credits), 4.5 hours clinical (1.5 credits), Achievement of the course outcomes assists in the meeting of MnTC Goal #2.

Fall, Spring